30 Bauhaus-inspired Posters

Bauhaus was an architectural school founded by Walter Gropius in 1919. Pioneers of the International Style and introduces the concept of "form follows function", ie building form follows function contained in the building. Bauhaus had a major influence on the world of modern architecture and modern design. Which later evolved in art, architecture, graphic design, interior design, industrial design, and typography.

Today, we bring you a set 30 Bauhaus-inspired posters. Bauhaus poster design characterized by uniformity of color, movement, simplicity, simple finishing and facade, the perfect combination of great typography, vibrant colors, and texture are very effective in catching people’s attention. It’s really great how many talented artists there are! I hope that you enjoy their work.

Bauhaus Inspired Poster Designs

1. Bauhaus Poster Appropriation via Molly Smith

Bauhaus-inspired Poster

"Poster created for a book about the history of graphic design. The theme was art museums around the world, and they were paired with a style that originated in the same city as its location. This poster shows the Bauhaus Archiv in Berlin, Germany, where the Bauhaus movement began. The grid is tilted, and only geometric shapes and primary colors were used, in true Bauhaus fashion."

2. Classic Poster Design via Pommer Design

Bauhaus-inspired Poster

Bauhaus poster design. Invite for Baha'i community cluster elections.

3. Bauhaus Poster Designs by Monika Ang via Monika Ang

Bauhaus-inspired Poster

A Bauhaus Conceptual Poster for School assignment.

4. Promotional Bauhaus Poster via deepa patil

Bauhaus-inspired Poster

An informational poster on the Bauhaus design school.

5. Bauhaus Typography Poster via Thomas Pena

Bauhaus-inspired Poster

This Poster was inspired my militaristic proganda since Bauhaus was first conceptualized during WWII. The imagery is a simplified version of the Dessau Location of the Bauhaus School.

6. Travel Germany Posters via Britt Whitaker

Bauhaus-inspired Poster

Travel posters for Germany done in a Bauhaus style.

7. Exhibition "Mies van der Rohe in Postwar Germany" via Steven Vitale and Vincent Dietsch

Bauhaus-inspired Poster

Campaign for this exhibition which was presented in the Klee and Kandinsky Master Houses at Bauhaus Dessau.including invitation, brochure, poster, catalogue and video.

8. Bauhaus Design Poster via Arian Grieco

Bauhaus-inspired Poster

Poster for a research project on the Bauhaus Design School in Dessau Germany.

9. Bauhaus 93 Poster via Dave Volpe

Bauhaus-inspired Poster

Promotional poster for the typeface Bauhaus 93.

10. BAUHAUS via Thaison Horn

Bauhaus-inspired Poster

A typographic poster project to portray the quote "today is the tomorrow you didn't plan for yesterday" in an engaging way using a selected typeface.


Bauhaus-inspired Poster

A poster created to advertise a Bauhaus exhibition for the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art.

12. A tribute to the Bauhaus via Andreas Xenoulis

Bauhaus-inspired Poster

A tribute to the Bauhaus poster design.

13. Posters, Bauhaus | Postmodernism via Shadya Emery

Bauhaus-inspired Poster

Posters, Bauhaus | Postmodernism.

14. Bauhaus life via Anna chakravorty

Bauhaus-inspired Poster

Poster inspired by Bauhaus theme, primary colours,minimalistic and geometric shapes plus a diagonal line to show bauhaus loved diagonals.

15. Graphic Design History Posters via Christiana Del Vecchio

Bauhaus-inspired Poster

A poster based off of the Bauhaus movement.

16. Bauhaus Inspired via Linzella Tillery

Bauhaus-inspired Poster

Bauhaus inspired poster for type class.

17. Bauhaus Movement Poster via Natallie Ocasio

Bauhaus-inspired Poster

Celebrating the Bauhaus Movement!

18. The City of Lost Children via Antonio Lucero

Bauhaus-inspired Poster

Reinventing the movie poster in a bauhaus style.

19. MUSIK POSTER EXTRUSION via Justin Vachon

Bauhaus-inspired Poster

3-D extrusion of the MUSIK AM Bauhaus poster.

20. Type Poster via Andreia Dina

Bauhaus-inspired Poster

A school Project: a Bauhaus poster inspired by Laszlo Moholy Nagy's works

21. Foundations Open House Poster via Stephanie Wharton

Bauhaus-inspired Poster

A poster designed for an exhibition.

22. Poster: Tulsa Blogger Meetup via Michael Champlin

Bauhaus-inspired Poster

Poster design for the 2010 Tulsa Blogger Meetup.

23. Hotel Unique Poster via Julia Cortes

Bauhaus-inspired Poster

Poster created for a Project Class.

24. BAUHAUS Font Poster via Derek Long

Bauhaus-inspired Poster

Font poster designed for Neil Ashby's typography class at CCAD.

25. Lissitzky inspired poster via Ayman Osman

Bauhaus-inspired Poster

Poster for a week of political actions in Stockholm Sweden.

26. Tron Legacy Movie Poster via Jonathan Toro

Bauhaus-inspired Poster

Movie poster Art style, Bauhaus.

27. A Night Out via Andriy Blagay

Bauhaus-inspired Poster

A typographic poster promoting Armin Van Buuren. The designer used Bauhaus typeface to represent the fluidity of his music. The line work emphasizes the geometry of the typeface while imitating the resonance of his music.

28. Crrículo - Bruno Kallvner via Bruno Kallvner

Bauhaus-inspired Poster

Inspired by the poster "Bauhaus Ausstellung" Fritz Schleifer, 1972. This composition complies with all the measurements and proportions in which the poster was inspired.

29. The modern chair Poster via Ha Lim Kim

Bauhaus-inspired Poster

Poster design for the modern chair exhibition in MoMA. By using bauhaus style, the poster expresses simply modernism and modern chair.

30. Kandinsky Redesign via Farrakhan Anene

Bauhaus-inspired Poster

Bauhaus Poster Redesign.

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