Graphic Design – How to Start from the Scratch

Everything and anything else right now might not be able to be separated from graphic design. Whether it is as simple as graphic design for brochure to graphic design for logo of company, you have to start learning it from the scratch. There are many levels of learning graphic design but the most importantly is that you know and understand the basics of it to be able to have great foundation to move on to the next level because no matter how complicated your projects are, you are going to use a lot of basics that you have learned from graphic design beginner.

How to Start Graphic Design from the Scratch

Starting from the Scratch

Everyone who wants to learn about graphic design has to be able to master the basics of graphic design first. And of course it will not hurt you if you start your study by learning about what graphic design is and the history of it so you have better background knowledge of something you will learn on the next level.

So what is exactly graphic design? It is defined as the art of visual communication profession that combines many elements such as ideas, images, and also words so that the creators will be able to convey types of information to the users or audiences.

What is Graphic Design?

Media that usually being used for graphic design are such as posters, packages, and of course websites. With the increasing of the demands from website users, the project opportunities of graphic designers are held wide open and this is also the reason why so many people are very enthusiastic of learning graphic design as besides it is a very exciting thing to learn, you could also use that skill to basically make a living.

The Elements of Graphic Design

First thing first, you will need to enlighten yourself about these elements if you learn graphic design on your own. The first element we have here is photo or image. We all know what photo is but we often belittle it even though it could be used as the basic or foundation of the greatest of the great graphic design you ever saw.

The Elements of Graphic Design

The second element is illustration. You need to open up your mind and get as much as inspiration that you are able to keep in your mind because you will never know when you will need to use that kind of inspiration to create illustration to build the structure of your design.

Next are about typography and also fonts. They are very essential to almost all design projects. All you have to do is to learn how to use type and where to get interesting fonts that will support your design.

Other than those we also have shapes, colors, and textures. And of course those three elements are as important as the rest so you have to pay attention to those. Shapes are something that will affect your designs as a whole so are colors and textures because you will have to use shapes in every one of those.

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