20 Awesome Experimental Typography Posters

Experimental typography posters deserve a special mention due to their immense popularity. They contain a number of the most effective examples of typography poster art and are widely sought-after round the world. The distinctive stone lithe printing, the typography and artwork that's so typical of the days these posters were made in, the colors, the style – all contribute to their uniqueness and inherent creation value.

Experimental typography posters are an excellent way to show your good taste in art and additionally add a whole new dimension to any existing typography. Their experimental quality and also the general difficulty in procuring them have given them a really distinctive status. You may love the way they will transform the ambient.

Today we brought 20 Awesome Experimental Typography Poster Designs Inspiration. If your a typography lover then its worth to check this showcase of posters to get some creative concepts for your future design project. We hope that you will like this collection and feel free to add your comments below if you find this posters very inspiring.

Melbourne Dance Company Poster

via Josip Kelava

Experimental Typography Posters

Identity and Poster design for the Melbourne Dance Company 2012.

Jazzed & Confused Poster

via Anton Burmistrov

Experimental Typography Posters

Jazzed & Confused Poster for Sputnik-6: Sputnik is getting jazzed! Inspired by the Led Zeppelin song 'Dazed and Confused', the concept for this visual was to display the title intertwined within the pipe of the trumpet.

Hommage à Morris Poster

via Boglárka Nádi

Experimental Typography Posters

Hommage poster for Wɪʟʟɪᴀᴍ Moʀʀɪs.

Here's to the crazy ones Poster

via Joluvian

Experimental Typography Posters

Custom lettering for cartel.

Vintage NBA posters

via Caroline Blanchet

Experimental Typography Posters

Vintage NBA posters - Collection 1: Posters representing iconic old school players from each NBA franchise.

Yorokobu Cover + Poster

via Joluvian

Experimental Typography Posters

Colaboration with Yorokobu magazine and poster.

Widow Maker Motorcycles

via Aaron von Freter

Experimental Typography Posters

T-shirt & poster design for the boys at widow-maker motorcycles in North Carolina.

Bill Bernbach diversity scholarship posters

via Juan Carlos Pagan

Experimental Typography Posters

Typographic poster series promoting the Bill Bernbach Diversity Scholarship. Each of the 24" x 36" posters were designed using a different technique of layering typography in order to capture the idea that " Diversity Makes Everything More Interesting". All six posters can be collected and strung together to spell out DIVERSITY. Designed in collaboration with the amazing Paul Belford and Brian Gartside.

CARBONE Pro - Respect TYPEFACE Family

via NACH OH!

Experimental Typography Posters

CARBONE Pro is a serif typeface with more than 210 characters, including Capitals, Small Letters, Numbers & Special glyphs and Punctuation. Can be used on any platform and for different print or digital projects. appropriate for medium and large format, high contrast, strong features & aggressive and unconventional diagonal endow it with great elegance and give a distinctive over other types of the same kind. Special for experts of good letters, this typeface is adapted to different topics and applications, easily modifiable and capable of generating a clear and direct message.


via Manuel Cetina

Experimental Typography Posters

Pew! Poster.

Alpha Beta

via Jérémy Tourvieille

Experimental Typography Posters

Series of poster made to promote a fictive Swiss dance company.

I'm Not Comic Sans

via Adrià Gómez

Experimental Typography Posters

Lettering against Comic Sans.

Futura Type Specimen Posters

via Jaewon Park

Experimental Typography Posters

Futura type specimen posters.

Basingstoke Poster

via Bobby Haiqalsyah

Experimental Typography Posters

A poster to promote the newly released typeface by the Decade Typefoundry in the same style that the font was based on.

Art Zeko

via Simi Zeko

Experimental Typography Posters

Art Zeko is an Art Deco style display typeface. Art Zeko uses basic geometric shapes as a base. It also draws influence from modern/didone weight contrasts.

Happy New Year Poster

via Anton Burmistrov

Experimental Typography Posters

A greeting card that visualised the opening of a champagne bottle, with the cork shooting upwards, with champagne bubbles overflowing.

Made In The USA

via Moustafa Hassan

Experimental Typography Posters

Poster for a traveling exhibition.

Oasis Tribute for victims of 2012 US Tragedies

via Scott Walker

Experimental Typography Posters

Oasis Song "Don't Look Back in Anger" as a commemorative message for the victims of the various tragedies that happened across USA in 2012.

Triumph & Disaster

via Bobby Haiqalsyah

Experimental Typography Posters

Poster design for Posterama.co based on a quote by Rudyard Kipling.


via Sergio Alves

Experimental Typography Posters

"Adormecida" (Asleep) is poster made for the theatre "Teatro e Marionetas de Mandrágora" / Guimarães - European Capital of Culture 2012. This is a hand made typography poster made with more or less 350m of wool.

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